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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Passing of Pastor Chuck Smith

Thursday October 3rd, 2013


Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends of Calvary:

Pastor Chuck Smith, affectionately known as "Pastor Chuck," founding father of the Calvary Chapel movement, has gone home to be with our Lord. He passed away early this morning.

He was an incredible instrument of the Lord and used so mightily. So many owe so much and are so thankful to the Lord for Him. I am one of them. His teachings were used by the Lord to edify and direct my calling as a pastor, to enrich me as a disciple of the Lord. He remains my favorite Bible teacher. I can still remember meeting with him to discuss planting Calvary Chapel of Hope. He was so relaxed, at peace, open, so generous, gracious, encouraging. I can still remember his words to me, a young pastor seeking wisdom and direction for a venture in faith. He was always open to follow the leading of the Lord. He was available and accessable, though a man of many responsibilities. And when it was my turn to speak with him he patiently listened to my circumstances. When all was said and done he said to me, "Go for it!" God used Pastor Chuck to change my life. He has been used by the Lord to change the lives of many, many others, thousands throughout the world.

Pastor Chuck Smith was used by the Lord to bring me closer to the heart of the Lord. Calvary Chapel of Hope is directly connected to the ministry of this teacher of the word of God, man of faith, man of grace, man of Jesus our Lord. He was a pastor to so many. He was always available to patiently listen with a smile and gracious empathetic response. I am so grateful.

Pastor Chuck was always open to a venture in faith. He had a great trust in the Lord. He feared nothing in the strength of the Lord. He faced everything in the Lord. He remained true to the Lord and His word to his final breath. There were no deviations or caving to culture or society that are sometimes seen as people age in their final years. Pastor Chuck Smith was greatly used by the Lord and is a godly example for all to study and follow.

Pastor Chuck was a humble servant hearted man, never lording his God ordained authority (which was immense) over any. He was humble enough to pick up trash on his church campus. He was courageous enough to step out in faith in numerous Spirit led ways to encourage incredible ventures of faith throughout the world. He literally impacted the world for the Lord. Always true to the word of God and the Lord. I'm not the only one he encouraged with the words, "Go for it!"

Pastor Chuck led by example, an example that knew by experience that everything he had and everything he accomplished was a product of God in him not himself alone. To God be the glory! He held whatever the Lord blessed him with with open hands in full submission to however the Lord wanted to use it. He lived for the will of God and to glorify God. May his legacy continue to glorify God through us.

We will miss Pastor Chuck. But our loss is heaven's gain. He is in awe right now as he finally takes in heaven as Jesus welcomes him in. Pastor Chuck, like the Apostle Paul, knew who he believed in and was persuaded that God was able to keep what he had committed to Him until this day. Let's take the baton and carry on to that higher calling of God in Christ Jesus. We can only hope to be used like God used Pastor Chuck.

Please pray for his wife Kay and his family. The joy of the Lord is their strength. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Be strong in the Lord. God bless you all.

in His service, by His grace, for His glory,

 Pastor Claude

 Pastor Claude T. Stauffer

Calvary Chapel of Hope

803 County Line Road

North Amityville, N.Y. 11701




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