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Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Prayer for Preachers by Leonard Ravenhill

Eternal Father,

In the majesty of Thy glory,

            look down in mercy on these men.

As they fall before Thee in prayer,

            be pleased to fall upon them in power!

As they enter their seclusion as preachers,

            may they emerge from it as prophets.

According to Your promise,

            give them a new heart.

According to Your Holy Word,

            put a new spirit within them.

Anoint their eyes with holy eyesalve

            that they may see what heretofore they have not seen.

Unstop their ears that they may hear Your voice

            in a way You could not previously speak to them.

Touch their lips with a live coal from the altar of eternity

            that they may step back into time

            like men who have tasted the powers of the world to come.

Grant that their theology

            may become almost a theophany.

In these days of Noah-like society,

            when the earth again is corrupt before Thee

            and when violence has become a way of life,

            and sexual immorality a sport;

            when iniquity is legislated

            and unborn babes are mutilated in the womb;

            in this dread hour, challenging Thee to judge us,

            grant these men a compassion

            and a passion, motivated by the love of Thy Son,

            for doomed humanity.

We tremble as we see

            the over-blest, over-fed, over-come nations

            wallow in sin

            on the brink of destruction;

            As we see that

            the law of the day is lawlessness,

            the faith of the day is faithlessness,

            the philosophy of the day is hopelessness,

            the evident condition of the Church is powerlessness.

            In this unprecedented state of moral anarchy

            and spiritual debility,

            Let these men not dare to see the faces of men again

            until they are renewed in the Holy Ghost.

If these men are not the men to shake the nation

            before The King comes,

            then in mercy find such men to shake earth and hell,

            and fill heaven with praise

            that He has seen of the travail of His soul

            to His satisfaction.

These things I ask

            in the name of and for the glory of

            Thine only begotten Son,

            the only Saviour of men,

            Jesus Christ our Lord,             Amen[1]

[1] Leonard Ravenhill, Revival God’s Way, Minneapolis, MN: Bethany House Pub. 1983. Pgs. 94-95

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