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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is America a Christian Nation? - David Barton

Is America a Christian nation? Is it exceptional? To hear many speak today you’d think America is anything but exceptional. Some are calling for God to damn America. Some focus predominantly on the sins of America to the neglect of any good influence of this nation. America is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. For instance, America grew up allowing slavery and had to fight a great bloody civil war to eliminate it. We are a nation that has allowed itself to corrupt God’s blessing into an opportunity to indulge hedonistic lusts. But there is much good associated with this nation too. No nation on earth helps the needy more or invests more money in missions. As a nation we are more often than not the first to send aid around the world to help during times of tragedy.

America is not perfect, but it is exceptional. What makes it exceptional? To answer that question you have to review the historical roots of our nation. As you watch this series of short videos of David Barton watch them with an open mind, open to the Spirit of God. There is a spirit of negativity and imbalanced criticism in our land toward our nation. There are those seeking to revise history. They want to eliminate God and any mention of Christianity from our American history books. They want to do this so that they can insert their own world view, a world view that permits immoral licentiousness. So what should we do? We don’t counter this effort to deceive with a Pollyanna naiveté that is just as deceptive. We counter falsehood with an examination of the truth. The most important truth to appeal to is God’s Biblical truth. We need to view our nation and the world through the lens of scripture.

Is America a Christian nation? Watch this series of short videos of a message by David Barton of WallBuilders and consider the facts. Then pray for God to lead us in a way that will bring us into alignment with His Holy Word. God has blessed America. We are in a time of struggle for the soul and destiny of this nation. Pray we return to God and His Word. Pray for revival. He is our only hope.

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